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Program Specialist V, Texas Department of Public Safety

Texas 10 Most Wanted Fugitive captures in 2015. A lot of the success of this program comes from the call operators at your call center that process these incoming tips. We couldn't do it without them! We ended up paying rewards to 16 tipsters in 2015 that provided information that helped lead to the arrest of 16 of our Top 10 Fugitives.

Marty Mamuyac, Jr.

As you can see your program has made a huge difference in the overall success of our program. Prior to working with your company we lost many tips after hours and on weekends.

It is all so seamless now. Several of your tip takers have been able to identify what is deemed to be a crime in-progress by listening carefully to the tipster and hearing that the wanted person was at a specific location NOW. They have been able to call the agency (who has jurisdiction) dispatch center directly and have that agency dispatch officers immediately. This has been done without me even having to touch the tip. I can think of 4-5 instances where arrests have been made just with the aforementioned method.

Keep up the great work and I personally thank you.

Detective Scott Williams, Coordinator

We are beyond pleased with the professionalism and costs associated with having our Crime Stoppers tips taken by Alternative Answers. We should have made this move years ago.

Janie Prew

A Search Warrant was initiated from tips that were given to the Hill Country Crime Stoppers Hotline. During the search, officers discovered 3.5 gallons of liquid methamphetamine along with chemicals used in the illegal manufacturing of methamphetamine. The amount of liquid recovered could have yielded between 5 and 7 pounds of finished product. This represents the largest single seizure of liquid methamphetamine in Burnet County in the last 15 years. A conservative estimate of the street value of the methamphetamine is $227,000. A Great Job done by Alternative Answers!

Michael R. Blatman

Ok, you guys are rockin it this week. We had over $10,000 in damage done by breaking out car windows and tossing eggs at many home and cars. We ended up closing out 47 cases due to a report taken by one of your operators. Another tip was also taken by one of your operators on a fugitive, and she is now in custody on her 10 warrants - we couldn't do this without you!

Cst. R.A. Burgess, Police Coordinator

I just wanted to pass on a kudos to you and your staff for a job well done. Crime Stoppers, by it's own necessarily secretive nature, tends to become kind of thankless job for those involved at all levels, since successes are never flaunted. Brandon has recently been having a major graffiti problem with a previously unknown "tagger", who was damaging property, buildings and vehicles at an alarming rate. The majority of our resources were directed toward solving this problem with very limited results. On July 9th, 2008, we received a very timely Crime Stoppers tip, that identified the suspect responsible and provided an address as well. This information was all the more important, as the subject was a transient who was preparing to leave the area. Your call taker recognized this as time sensitive information, and since it was after-hours, sent it directly to the radio operators of the Police Service, as previously arranged. As a result, the suspect was arrested that night and will be charged with more than 50 counts of criminal mischief. This of course is privileged information and the public will never know the input Crime Stoppers had in solving this damage spree, but I thought I would share it with you so you could tell your operators that their diligence does pay off and is greatly appreciated.

Eve Flanigan

A person wanted for manslaughter of his ex-girlfriend was captured thanks to a series of tips reportedly phoned in by one tipster over a period of two days. He made police work for the capture by running, but the outcome was good. Alternative Answers can consider themselves as having done their part to take a killer off the street!

Cst. Dean Rutherford, Police Coordinator

I just wanted to pass on some kudos to one of your call takers. The information extracted from the tipster was excellent and I've received two separate comments from officers working on the case who were impressed with the detail and professionalism in the tip report. The investigation is still ongoing however I anticipate a successful result. Keep up the good work!

Barry Pruitt, Law Enforcement Coordinator

Just wanted to pass along kudos to your call taker who contacted our Comm Center after hours to report the whereabouts of a fugitive from Indiana. The Crime Stoppers caller was right on the money with their information and the fugitive was quickly apprehended. Thanks for all your help... another story to tell at the next CS Board meeting.

Det. Bergin

Central Florida Crimeline has been utilizing Alternative Answers for approximately 2 years. During that time period the volume of calls has increased to approximately 3200 calls a month resulting in over 600 new reports each month. Calls are handled quickly and professionally by the call takers. Our program requires certain crimes to be called into the on-call personnel immediately. This is done so promptly resulting in numerous arrests and solved cases each month. On a couple of occasions our program has required special attention to high profile cases and the staff of Alternative Answers were able to handle the increase in calls as well as continuing to deal with the regular call volume. In one case special operators and a separate 800 number were arranged within 24 hours to handle a nation wide high profile case.

Nicole Wagner

I have been using Alternative Answers for almost a year now and I would highly recommend it to every Crime Stoppers program. Donna Harms has been so helpful by phone and e-mail and always has time for my questions and concerns. I never have to worry about tipsters getting upset because they are being put on hold for long periods of time. The staff at Alternative Answers is courteous and quite efficient. Each time I receive a tip it is extremely informative and easily read. Thanks.

H. Salmons

With the help of the Alternative Answers staff, Speakout Hotline has seen a dramatic increase in overall tips. Their operators are courteous and patient with our young SpeakOut tipsters. The challenges facing school campuses are always changing. AA has helped SpeakOut solve false bomb threat cases, thwart suicide attempts, recover weapons on campuses and many, many more cases.

Assistant Coordinator

I would like to send a personal thank you to calltaker GJC who took an in progress tip last evening (Tip #xxx-xxxx). The call taker recognized the urgency of the tip, and immediately notified Sgt XXXXXX and then our Communications Bureau and The Police Service was able to make an arrest.

I know you do not hear it enough, but the hard work that each of the call takers do is appreciated, and it makes each program successful, and our Community safer.

Thank You!