Our Technology

Training, Backups, Redundancy and Contingency Planning

Location and Technologies

At our location, we have multiple telephone trunks and redundant routing to answer your calls. If any one of them were to fail, the other stations would continue to operate.

  • Multiple PRI spans with automatic failover capability.
  • Multiple T1 trunks.
  • An "Infinity" switch is the engine of our telephony system. One of the most reliable and dependable switches available.
  • Complete with the latest software and reporting enhancements.
  • Dual mirrored drives, dual power supplies, automatic back ups, the works!
  • Full duplicate system in a geographically different location.
  • Over $500,000.00 invested in telephony and networking.
  • All telephone trunks are buried for entrance to the building. We operate on multiple fibre strands, T1 ISDN spans, Centrex on dedicated copper and analogue copper trunks.
  • We use services from multiple telephone providers for additional reliability.
  • Back-up phones are available in the event of a PBX failure. If all physical lines to the building are cut, we have cellular phones available for back up.

Our staff is trained and competent. We know what to do and have years of experience. All operators pass through background screening and a structured training program.

  • Answering Service call volumes are continuously tracked and the center is staffed to meet our service level agreements.
  • Additional staff available for "overflow".
  • Tri-lingual English/Spanish/French available in house 24/7.
  • Over 170 other languages available through our subscription to a translation service.
  • With multiple locations and service provided twenty-four hours.
  • In the event that a single dispatcher or a number of dispatchers are off due to sickness or accident, we have other staff members, technical personnel and management who are "on-call".
  • Provision of TTY/TTD service for the hearing and speech impaired.

All of our various computer and phone systems operate on battery back-up systems and in the event of a commercial power loss, we are able to run off the batteries for approximately 4 to 6 hours. If the power outage lasts more than one minute, we have an automatic transfer system to have a generator run the entire building.

We have centralized our equipment spares and have virtually every part on hand. All critical components from hard drives, voice-processing cards to entire computer shelves are covered.

  • All computer database records are backed up multiple times on a daily basis.
  • We have dual redundant network servers.
  • All critical computers have a redundant unit available.
  • In addition to the regular daily back-ups, we also take data off-site on a regular basis.

We do "Disaster Planning" and have procedures and regular training in place to cover many different situations.

  • We have a Disaster plan for both total telephone line cuts and/or building evacuation to provide service from an alternative site. We keep a full set of information available at one of our branch offices and are able to transfer the calls there in the event of a problem in Sudbury.
  • We are experienced and understand the critical nature of the service.

In addition to the technical capabilities above, our city has invested heavily in telecommunications and a fiber infrastructure. We are "wired" and we are connected. We have been told that the communications infrastructure in our city is second to none in North America. Your calls will get through!