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Crime Stoppers & Ethics Hotline

A confidential service that Crime Stoppers programs can offer to commercial organizations in their communities that are seeking an anonymous (third party) mechanism for employees to report criminal activity and acts of wrongdoing taking place in their workplace.

PREA Hotline

Alternative Answers offers a simple solution for PREA (Sec 151.51, 151.54) compliance. We understand that you have requirements that reach beyond anonymous reporting. We are knowledgeable on PREA standards and requirements, allowing us to be your hotline resource. Police-cleared, multi-lingual staff are available 24/7.

Translation Services

Alternative Answers subscribes to a simultaneous translation service which enables them to communicate in over 170 languages.

Anonymous Answering Service

If your board currently has a tip line provided by your local Police department or are thinking of implementing one, Alternative Answers can be your solution.