Our Team

Alternative Answers is a subsidiary of Northern Communication Services Inc.

About Us

The company was started in 1954 in Sudbury, Ontario as a message center using manual "cord-boards" to handle each call. Over time the business has grown through acquisitions and new ventures into one of Canada's finest businesses with branches in Sudbury, North Bay, Timmins, Bolton and Charleston, South Carolina, USA.

The company is owned 100% privately by a group of individuals. Within this group, there is significant financial strength and an intangible sense of pride of ownership. These individuals have continually driven the business to focus on customer satisfaction and the business has won numerous awards over the years. As we have added new services like VoIP 911 call routing, telematics and now, Crime Stoppers.

We have continued to focus on delivering innovative, high quality, customized services to our North America wide client base. Our people are highly trained, experienced and ready to do their utmost for our customers!

Alternative Answers, and its parent Northern Communications, has long been involved in the communities in which it operates. We support numerous charities, sports teams and community organizations. The ownership strongly believes in giving back. See our current list and you will agree!

Alternative Answers is a leading provider of call processing technology. This technology includes automated phone systems as well as a database driven call center.

At Alternative Answers, our technology platforms and our strategic business focus help drive our growth and enhance our level of customer service. Matched with our state-of-the-art systems and internet technologies, our service has survived the test of time.

Our phone systems are leading edge computer telephony based systems that include interactive voice response software and message broadcasting options. Our technology enables us to be as simple or as sophisticated as needed.

  • We employ sophisticated technologies to ensure that all of our communications to clients are secure.
  • Our operations run 24/7 and our staff have access to advanced and comprehensive call processing systems.
  • Our technical staff is constantly searching for capabilities and equipment that will assist you in all your messaging needs.
  • We use UPS's coupled with generator backup to guarantee the up-time of our entire network.
  • Dedicated to servicing our customers we have taken great steps to ensure the redundancy of our entire network.

With support services from third party suppliers like TipSoft Software and a dedicated in house IT team Alternative Answers has been able to maintain the 24/7/365 requirement of the call center industry by moving forward with leading edge technology.

Alternative Answers takes business continuity seriously and much of it's technology with a 911 center for a 911 level of redundancy.

  • Under Writer's Laboratories (UL) , who inspect our location on an annual basis for compliance with their standards.
  • The Call Management Association (CAM-X) Northern911 has won a number of service awards for Excellence.
  • Through our sister company True Steel Security we are a member of the Canadian Alarm and Security Organization (CANASA). All of our technicians are certified.
  • APCO International. All our Emergency Services Call Takers are APCO trained and have completed the Public Safety Telecommunicator course, version 5.
  • The National Emergency Number Association. We are a member of NENA.

Our staff undergoes constant training and testing. Most recently Mike Shantz completed training at the 2014 National Crime Stoppers USA Conference held in Austin Texas.